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Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Europe (Germany, France, Spain)

In June 2014 we decided to visit some European countries in a camper, including Germany, France and Spain.
It was 10 years after we joined EU so we wanted to show some nice places to our children.

Visitors centre in Camargue. Flamingos feeding right beside the observers, Egrets, Moorhens. Interesting way of showing natural values to everybody including kids.

Breakfast at a camping site. Tarragona, Spain. Piece of bocadillo with olives.

Barcelona - visit to a seaside restaurant aimed to taste local seafood flavors including razor shells.

Pale Short-toed Eagle near Lleida. Nice individual showing well to observers. 

A new lifer - Lanius meridionalis - treated as separate species from Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor)
Third lifer in one day - that happens really rarely after 25 years of birding! Pterocles alchata

First lifer during the trip - Oenanthe leucura. A couple displaying and singing - very nice call imitating Whimbrel?? !

Maps from the trip:
Part one - Białystok > Germany (Neuschwanstein castle) 12h+10h.

Part two - Germany > Camargue (2 days)

Part three : Camargue > Spain (one day travelling and 5 days in Spain)

Total > 5000 km

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