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2015 FotoNotes - Birds in NE Poland

Birds in 2015

21 December
In recent weeks some individuals of Great Grey Shrike of "homeyeri" form were recorded. This is mostly due to greater interest, but further attention to this species is necessary. fot by A.Zbyryt
Winter is very calm this year with temperatures of + 5-10 C. Flock of winter visitors like Waxwings arrived. Whooper Swan flock of ca 150 birds wintering in western Belarus visits eastern Poland for feeding. Normally this species migrates to western Poland for wintering.

4th November
Finally after 4 trips to twitch the RING BILLED GULL in Elk/Masurian Lakeland I managed to spot the bird! It comes here already third season (non-breeding) probably using local rubbish dump and local people feeding the ducks.

22 October
WHITE-BILLED DIVER (Gavia adamsii) - first for NE Poland discovered by Tomasz Tumiel at Siemianowka Lake with 400 other Divers

24 September
Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo rufinus) near Sidra/Belarus borded

13 September
Group of 5 imm Dotterels near Ostrówek / Belarus border

1 September
Influx of Red-footed Falcon in progress. Flocks of 10-15 birds near Grodek, Targonie, Tykocin. Still VERY dry with no rain since July

8 August
Very hot and dry month. Level of water at many reservoirs very low. Siemianowka Lake with numerous waders eg Knot, Sanderling, Curlew Sandpiper. Low breeding success of Lesser Spotted Eagle - probably below 20% of nests with young bird

1 July
Lesser Spotted Eagles feeding in Biebrza Marshes Lower Basin. Tawny Pipit near Tykocin

24th June
Pair of breeding Little Owls visited in Lomza. Birds have a nest in a busy neighbourhood with many kids.

6 June
Blyth Reed Warblers recorded in Biele, Goniadz, Zajezierce, Suprasl.

14 May
Arctic Tern at Siemianowka Lake. Grey Wagtail in Kolodno.
Regular Short-eared Owls recorded at Dluga Luka/Biebrza Marshes (3-5 birds)

3 May
Group of 9 Red-footed Falcons near Bokiny / Narew Valley.

28 April
First record of EGYPTIAN VULTURE (Neophron percnopterus) in NE Poland! One bird soaring over Ogrodniczki/Knyszynska Forest.

25 April
Biebrza Marhes at Dluga Luka - 4 Short-eared Owls displaying - quite unusual sight here! Also Eagle Owl near Laskowiec

23 April
Velvet Scoter at Popielewo fishponds with Red-crested Pochard

2 April 
Lesser White-fronted Goose with neckcollar from Norwegian ringing project recorded near Wizna, Narew Valley. Single Peregrine in Chyliny, Biebrza Valley. Flock of 14 Lesser BlackBacked Gulls (fuscus) at Dojlidy fishponds near Bialystok

29 March
Hoopoe, Lesser Spotted Eagle already arrived. Spring is unusually dry so still just a half of White Stork nests is occupied. Large Geese concentration still near Rutkowskie.

16 March
Single Red-breasted Goose near Katy, Biebrza Marshes. Some Barnacle Geese present. Peregrine on 14th March near Bialowieza. Three Tengmalms Owls in Knyszynska Forest near Sokolda.

8 March
Peak of Geese migration in Biebrza Valley though water level very low. We didnt have snow this winter so spring floodings very poor.
Tengmalms Owls and Eagle Owls active. Small ones in Knyszynska Forest, big one at Siemianowka Lake and Biebrza near Laskowiec

3 February
First record of Pygmy Owl in the woods in Bialystok town borders. There are nice woodlands surrounding the town from S and N suitable also for the Pygmy Owl

1 February 2015
Visit in Biebrza/Narew Valley. Large parts still frozen though first Geese (15 Bean, 20 Greyag) already present near Leg/Wizna. Two  Rough-legged Buzzards near Maliszewo. Stock Doves near Goniadz. Quite unusual in winter time

17 January 2015
Single immature Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) near Izbiszcze (Narew National Park area). Recently rare visitor with 1-2 record per year.

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