W serwisie AVESTOM publikuję obserwacje ptaków z Północnego Podlasia i ptasich wyjazdów a także informację o tym, gdzie i kiedy warto ptaki oglądać.
AVESTOM publishes bird news from NorthEast Poland as well as some birding trip reports, tips and site description.
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2014 MARCH fotonotes

14 March - First Great Grey Owl recorded in Biebrza Marshes near Honczarowska Dam. This species recently started breeding in SE Poland and was recorded in 2013 in Knyszynska Forest, south of Biebrza (fot M.Piklikiewicz)

21 March - my first Lesser White-fronted Goose spotted in Biebrza Valley, briefly but with all necessary features.

(small goose behind Greater White-fronted)
Migrants on their way - Chiffchaff, Curlew, Godwits.

Spring in Narew and Biebrza with numerous Geese, Ducks and Swans.
Strekowa Gora

Bewick Swan

Ania and Oliwier looking for geese

Tawny Owl in Knyszynska Forest (5 other recorded as well as Tengmalms Owls - 6)

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