W serwisie AVESTOM publikuję obserwacje ptaków z Północnego Podlasia i ptasich wyjazdów a także informację o tym, gdzie i kiedy warto ptaki oglądać.
AVESTOM publishes bird news from NorthEast Poland as well as some birding trip reports, tips and site description.
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Siemianówka Lake

One of the largest Polish Reservoir was created in late 80s. It is located right at the border with Belarus, in the valley of Narew River. There is a railway dam in the middle of Reservoir which is accesible with cars and excellent for birdwatching. Eastern part of the reservoir is shallow and covered largely with sedge and reed. Numerous terns, grebes, gulls, passerines have their breeding grounds here. Eastern vast “marshes” also host numerous raptors – White-tailed Eagle (regular), Lesser Spotted Eagle (regular), Osprey, Spotted Eagle, Short-toed Eagle (summer), Red-footed Falcon (summer) and others. How to get there? After passing small pump station south of Cisowka Village follow small bumpy road to the east and get to the corner of the forest by the railway. From here on you may either drive or walk along the dam till the bridge (it’s not possible to pass it with the car!) Western part of the reservoir is deeper and usually occupied by fishermen. The dam in Bondary and southern steep bank near Tarnopol are worth visiting during autumn migration (divers, diving ducks). Fish ponds near Bachury (NE) are connected with reservoir and depending on water level create nice conditions for terns, waders and gulls.
Special birds
Citrine Wagtail – several pairs breeding since 90s. Recently mostly around Babia Gora (SE).
Eagle Owl – two or three pairs occur in eastern part of the lake. Active in spring and early autumn at dusk.
Great White Egret – regular and almost all-year bird.
Greater Spotted Eagle – recorded with Lesser near Babia Gora, prefers extensive hayed meadows with haystacks
White-winged Black Tern – annual breeder with numbers depending on water level
Rarities recorded
Short-toed Eagle – almost annual visitor late summer-autumn
Kittiwake – single bird in November 2011 later accompanied by 4 other immatures (Polish top score inlands)
Red Phalarope – two records of four in the Region, summertime at shallow mudflats
Gull-billed Tern – first for Region recorded in Summer 2011
Pomarine Skua – two records from main dam area in the west

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