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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Cattle Egret - a Lifer for Poland and Region

 This small Egret was my long-awaited bird for couple of years. Records were reported elsewhere in Poland regularly, recently from Lithuania. In April I was watching this small one feeding in meadows near Amsterdam in Netherlands. Almost no fear to walkers and other creatures.

So it was expected sooner or later and on 26th Apr 2024 news came via Polish Rarity Network and eBird that Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) was spotted near Rus/Wizna in Biebrza Valley by Jeremiusz Trzaska. We could contact Jeremiusz to confirm the record but anyway quick decision was obvious - me and Jarek Banach drove to Biebrza and Narew junction. On our arrival we could spot several Great White Egrets well visible from the bank but no Cattle Egret. We met Monika who told us no sign of Egret northwards. But soon after that news came via mobiles that its present few kms up the river.

We managed to arrive and spot feeding bird near and old river arm. It was really well viisble and not afraid of arriving cars. Finally! Long observation of foraging bird were really satisfacting.

Satisfacted and happy after Cattle Egret arrived!

eBird Hotspot - Biebrza NP - Rus area

Monday, April 08, 2024

Spring 2024 April

 Spring 2024 is in full tilt, temperatures in the beginning of April to high reaching 27 C. All regular migrants already present, Geese departed. Forest birds active, good season for Tengmalm's Owl and Pygmy Owl. 

After short Saharan storm in the beginning of April some nice birds arrived at Siemianowka Lake - Krowie Wyspy (Cow Islands). Nice watch tower was recently build here too. Spoonbill showed up very briefly while Glossy Ibis remained few days around 14th of April.

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Siwerniak (Anthus spinoletta) 2023 grudzien stawy Doljlidzkie

4 XII odwiedziliśmy stawy Dojlidzkie z Oliwier Myka w poszukiwaniu SIWERNIAKA (Anthus spinoletta) wykrytego przez Robert Sobolewski. Rano widział już go Grzesiek Grygoruk więc poszukiwania zawęziliśmy do stawu III. Okazało się że siedział wraz z rudzikiem na dziczych "buchtowiskach" przy grobli a spłoszony odleciał na podobne zryte i zmrożone błotko ale w pasie trzcin. Tam widac go było od czasu do czasu między łodygami. Generalnie dość płochliwy ptaszek i bardzo podobny na pierwszy rzut oka do świergotka łąkowego. Wg moich wyliczeń na Podlasiu to czwarta obserwacja. Ptak w Polsce nie jest rzadki ale u nas to już inna bajka 🙂
Mój gatunek #294 na Podlasiu
Fot Oliwier Myka - 

Friday, October 13, 2023

Sardinian Warbler | Pokrzewka aksamitna | Curruca melanocephala - fourth for Poland!

Sunday afternoon brought electrizing message on WhatsApp- SARDINIAN WARBLER in the centre of Warsaw! Difficult bird recorded so far just trapped or seen briefly.

The bird showed up near subway station in one of the most busy places in Polish capitol. Thousands of people rushing from dawn till dusk, cars, trams and an island of bushes surrounded by offices and skyscrapers. A site called "pan" - typical "lighthouse effect" place

After three hours spent in delayed train and two more of waiting by the bushes THE WARBLER appeared for brief moments. That was enough to see it well without binoculars (some 2 m distance) and take poor shots with Canon. Enough to make me happy !

Interestingly - other birds included a Blackcap, Barred Warbler, Whitethroat. Real bird hotspot in the middle of the city

Sunday, September 17, 2023

2023 Autumn

24.09.2023 Siemianowka - muddy shores become more attractive to waders - >40 Dunlin, Sanderling, Grey Plovers.

17.09.2023 - Siemianowka Lake stays a reliable hotspot  - Belarussian Greater Spotted Eagles hunting in Eastern part of the Lake. Ebird Hotspot


Warm August extended into Septemeber. My Regional List of Podlaskie with new species added (#293). Grey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) twitched in Narewka by the bridge. Bird waited for me till the end of my seaside holiday. It is still unusual in Podlaskie and much more common in south and north of Poland